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AZ Pacmen Moving LLC is a moving company based out of Phoenix, AZ that services the surrounding areas and beyond. Our local moving services specialize in any move out clean up and packing services you may need. We make sure your things are taken care of.

Moving into a new property is an exciting event, and our experienced movers make the transition seamless. Residential moving and commercial moving services are on hand to assist with the heavy lifting.

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Whether it’s a small lamp or a big coffee table, there is no item we can’t handle. We have the care and precision to handle any furniture or belongings without damage.

This experienced care extends even to disassembling, reassembling, and leveling your billiard tables, as well as other large furniture.

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We are also a packing company that can provide the necessary materials for your items. You can be confident that your items will be safely secured. Please call us at (602) 621-7247 for a free quote.

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